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Pilates Studio Sydney CBD

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Pilates on Macquarie is located at Level 1, 139 Macquarie Street Sydney CBD. At our Pilates Studio on Macquarie Street we use the latest cutting edge technology and the most-advanced Pilates Equipment.

If you want the highest standard of Pilates Classes available by our specialists in movement assessment and treatment call us on 9252 5770 to make an appointment today.

Corporate Pilates

Corporate Pilates is an initiative designed to help make exercising and looking after your spine and posture throughout the busy working day, as easy and stress free as possible. With expert instruction and supervision from the team at Pilates on Macquarie, our qualified physiotherapist instructors will guide you through a Mat based pilates class filled with exercises to help improve posture, flexibility and core muscle strength factors which should keep your mind and body energised for the day ahead.

1 Bligh Street

In order to register for your Corporate Pilates class, please complete the following forms and EMAIL US

Corporate Pilates Class Intake Form

Corporate Pilates Class Remittance Advice Form

Once you have completed and emailed your forms, you will receive an invoice as confirmation of payment.

Your Pilates instructor will then bring your personalised card to the class with your allocated number of sessions (i.e 5 or 10).

Should you have any questions regarding your Pilates class, please contact Sydney Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy on 9252 5770.

Enjoy your class, and see you there!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise used in rehabilitation, injury prevention and general well-being programs.

Many injuries are caused or made worse by poor posture and muscle imbalances. Pilates provides a way of restoring or maintaining good strength and flexibility in the muscles required for good posture and movement.

The key muscles used in pilates are your deep abdominals, pelvic floor and spinal stability muscles, which dynamically support your body through movement. Pilates exercises are designed to progressively challenge these muscles at different levels of ability. It not only addresses injuries to the low back but is also used in the rehab of neck, shoulder, pelvis, hip, knee and ankle injuries.

Who needs Pilates?

Pilates is for all levels of skill, and not only for those returning from injury but also for those wishing to:

  • prevent an injury occurring
  • improve or enhance their athletic performance
  • improve posture

What do we do at Pilates on Macquarie St?

Pilates on Macquarie is a brand new and fully equipped air-conditioned Pilates studio in Sydney CBD. Pilates on Macquarie provides pilates classes and instruction by highly-qualified physiotherapists who have specialised training in pilates. This ensures that our Pilates Classes and exercises are carried out with precision under close supervision.

In our Sydney CBD Pilates Studio, we combine the fundamentals of matwork pilates with specialised equipment-based exercises, allowing you to challenge yourself further.

We offer private one-on-one sessions, duet sessions and group mat or equipment classes.

How do I book Pilates Classes?

To book Pilates Classes the process is easy:
  • Call Reception on 9252 5770 to arrange your assessment consultation.
  • You will then meet you personal Pilates-trained Physiotherapist.
  • In your one-on-one session your history and goals will be discussed and your individual needs will be identified.
  • Once the most suitable Pilates class type is determined, we require a payment to secure your position in that class. This is necessary as places are very limited as the classes are small.
  • In the initial assessment session your 'core' muscles will be graded to determine the level of activation and strength. This includes your Pelvic Floor, The Transversus Abdominus and the Multifidus. Part of this assessment is done with the Real Time Ultrasound technology, allowing the physiotherapist to give precise feedback on the contraction of you 'core' muscles.
  • You will be provided with a Personalised Pilates Plan, recommending the level and type of session that is appropriate for you.

Book your Assessment Session today. Call reception on 9252 5770.

Why Choose SSOP?

  • SSOP are centrally located in the Sydney CBD on Macquarie Street.
  • We use the absolute latest, cutting edge technology including muscles assessment with Real Time Ultrasound and the latest, most-advanced Pilates equipment.
  • We offer the highest standard of instruction available - all classes are run by university-trained Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists, who are absolute specialists in movement assessment and treatment.
  • Our charges are comparable to other Pilates run in Sydney, and you may be able to save on out-of-pocket expenses with your private health-fund rebate.
  • Our Pilates Classes are kept small and personal to maintain the highest levels of quality. Our Instructors are therefore able to dedicate their attention to your core, your breathing and your technique.
How much does it cost?

You can view detailed information relating to your appointment including fees and healthcare rebates here at Appointment Information.

To book an appointment it's easy you can either CALL US on 9252 5770 and speak to reception or EMAIL US and we will respond to you promptly.

Pilates on Macquarie
Pilates for everyone run by skilled Physiotherapists in a state-of-the-art Pilates studio in Sydney CBD.

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