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Physiotherapy on Macquarie

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Level 1, 139 Macquarie Street, Sydney

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Physiotherapy Sydney CBD

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Sydney Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy now has two central Sydney CBD locations. Physiotherapy on Macquarie is located at Level 1, 139 Macquarie Street, Sydney. Physiotherapy on Pitt is located at Suite 1, Level 5, 321 Pitt Street, Sydney (near Park St and Bathurst St).


We offer an easy to use online appointment booking system that is available. Simply click BOOK ONLINE and choose the physiotherapist, appointment time, location and date which is convenient for you.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy aims to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation of injuries that range from a minor sprained ankle or sore knee, to complex lower back and neck pain problems. Physio, as it is often referred to, is the management of medical problems and other injuries relating to conditions that limit movement and cause pain. The aim is the treat the problem to alleviate discomfort in the long term, maximise your potential and get you on the road to recovery.

Physiotherapy Sydney CBD
Who needs Physiotherapy?
  • People suffering from a knee injury
  • Orthopaedic and sports injuries
  • Degenerative joint disease or arthritis
  • Work-related injuries
  • Spinal problems including low back pain
  • Musculoskeletal and sports injuries
  • Neurological conditions resulting from injury
  • Medical and surgical procedures
  • Chest care relating to weakness caused by pneumonia, asthma, chronic bronchitis
  • Stress related injuries

What do we do?

Sydney Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy is here to help you get started on the road to recovery. We offer a variety of specialised programs designed to address the core problem specific to your circumstance.

At Sydney Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy highly trained and very caring physiotherapists specialise in the assessment, treatment and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal injuries. Our physiotherapists take the time in the initial consultation to fully examine you, identify the injury, and provide you with a personalised prognosis and recovery plan. To learn more about our individual physios click here.

At SSOP we use state-of-the art technology to produce the best results.

All new patients are provided with a personalised exercise program using our in-house patient management software. Included are clear yet comprehensive instructions and diagrams to assist with exercise performance.

Physiotherapy Treatment may include:
  • Manual therapy for soft tissues including massage therapy, stretches
  • Manual therapy for joints including mobilizations, manipulations
  • Dry needling for trigger points and pain relief
  • Ergonomic assessment & posture correction
  • State of the art real time ultrasound assessment of muscle function for low back pain
  • Pilates
  • Biomechanical assessment & correction of movement using digital motion analysis
  • Running technique assessment
  • Men's Health - incontinence and pelvic floor retraining
  • Women's Health - incontinence and pelvic floor retraining
  • Muscle stretching
  • Muscle strengthening / conditioning
  • Core stability training & Swiss ball exercises
  • Proprioceptive / balance exercises
  • Sports strapping, taping and bracing
  • Graduated & progressive return to sport rehabilitation programs
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Electrotherapy treatment such as ultrasound, TENS, interferential and laser therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise prescription
  • Taping for pain relief and injury prevention
  • Gait analysis
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Injury rehabilitation

Why Choose SSOP?

  • We have two central Sydney CBD locations on Macquarie Street and Pitt Street.
  • We use the absolute latest, cutting edge technology and treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for you in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Our Physiotherapists and staff are highly qualified and incredibly personable

You can view a detailed information relating to your appointment including fees, here at Appointment Information.

Book your own appointment online to save time. It's easy, convenient and instant. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, book now with our online booking system.

Alternatively you can contact us via email, or phone us at Physiotherapy on Macquarie on 02 9252 5770 or at Physiotherapy on Pitt on 02 9264 4153.

Physiotherapist Sydney CBD

How much does physiotherapy cost?

You can view detailed information relating to your appointment including fees and healthcare rebates here at Appointment Information.

To book an appointment it's easy you can either: BOOK ONLINE and select the physio, appointment time, location and date that is convenient for you. It's fast and easy or CALL US: Physiotherapy on Macquarie on 02 9252 5770, Physiotherapy on Pitt on 02 9264 4153 and speak to Reception or EMAIL US and we will respond to you promptly.

Sydney Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy:

Innovative Physiotherapy - Don't treat the symptoms, cure the problem.

Physio Sydney CBD
Direct access to highly trained physiotherapists is only an email away - email us with your injury related question now.
Sydney Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy


Level 1
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Ph: +61 2 9252 5770
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Sydney Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy


Sydney Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy


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