Trigger Point Therapy

Sorry to leave you all hanging on the edge like that after my last post!! Hopefully the wait will be worth it!!

So now we know that there is a difference between acupuncture and dry needling let us answer the question of why we need to needle at all!

Every muscle in the body has a resting state of contraction (otherwise we would collapse in a heap as soon as we ‘relaxed’!) The amount of tension in the muscle is set by highly electrical regions inside the muscle belly called trigger points

For a number of different reasons (including postural and even psychological reasons) some muscles become set too tightly and become pain generators referring pain to sites away from the centre of the muscle.

Utilising a needle we can locate these taught fibrous bands and by picking at them we press the internal ‘return to default’ button which resets the muscle to it’s original length, and reduces the pain referral patterns. The needling causes a twitching sensation in the muscle which is unusual but not painful.

Of course we would need to address the reasons for the points to become overactive in the first place. But postural advice and exercise and recommendations for stress management are cornerstones in any decent physios management plan.

Hope that was worth the wait!! If you have any questions on trigger point therapy, please call me on (02) 92525770 or email me at Chat soon!

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