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Exercises to Add to Your Training Programme

Here is the first in a series of exercises to help runners optimise their training & performances, made by the physiotherapists at Physiotherapy on Pitt. This exercise improves the control and function of the gluteus medius, a muscle found to … Continue reading

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On Wednesday 14th March our physiotherapists gave a lecture on Running Analysis & Biomechanics.  You can read the presentation by clicking the below link: Introduction to Running Assessment You can also check it out, and read our other latest news on our … Continue reading

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The posterior oblique sling.

The posterior oblique sling is a stability system that is extremely important as we start to move. It is also of consideration when doing tasks that may involve sustained mildy rotated positions, e.g. desk-work whilst using the mouse a lot, … Continue reading

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Core strength and strength training… Two principles that should not be separated.

A common misconception is that core training is a part of your exercise regime that can be tacked onto the end of your session and be treated as a separate entity to your workout. It is very important to increase … Continue reading

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How does physiotherapy help with the ‘health’ of your company?

Maintaining and supporting a healthy employee population is vital for the growth and development of all companies. Corporate workers have got a considerable job ahead of them to stay pain free and function at their best. With longer hours becoming … Continue reading

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