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Does foot pronation increase risk of Running injuries?

The debate about proper footwear and foot placement has been an ongoing one with many theories on what is good/bad and many technologies to control our foot mechanics.   Orthotics have been a popular choice to stop the foot from … Continue reading

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Ankle Sprain – just a simple injury?!

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries presenting to Accident and Emergency Departments and can occur in the young or old, active or sedentary populations. Approximately 80% of all ankle sprains occur to the outside of the ankle. … Continue reading

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Links between the Glutes and Achilles problems in runners

A recent study by Smith et al (2013) found that male runners with Achilles tendinopathy had altered neuromuscular control of their gluteal muscles when running, compared to healthy controls. Neuromuscular control of the gluteals relates to the ability of the … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain? Your Guide to Common Gym Injuries

“I regret that workout.” Said no-one. Ever. Incorrect, Funny T-shirt Man. Anyone who has injured themselves during a weights session in the gym suffers regret. The problem is that not enough people understand what set them up for injury in … Continue reading

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Achilles Tendinopathy Algorythm

Recently the British Columbia Tendinopathy Task Force developed an algorythm for management of Achilles tendinopathy. Achilles-Tendinopathy-Treatment-Alogorithm-FINAL-April-20-2012 So if you’re sore and it’s affecting you during or after you run….give us a call.  Digital video analysis of your running style and … Continue reading

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